3rd Times A Charm

Do you ever have those days you get out of bed, after sleeping or not, and your day tells you you should just skip the coffee & head straight to wine? No, just me? Oof.

This is the third time, third, that sickness has hit our house in less than two months and I am absolutely over it. We rarely get sick, so for us this is overkill. I have absolutely zero idea where it’s coming from, but no amount of taking our daily vitamins and extra vitamin C is doing us any extra good.

Last night I’d say I managed under two hours of sleep. The baby slept, and I had every opportunity to get some really good rest. Instead, I spent most of it praying, and a good portion of it angry, hurt, and crying. My heart is just broken, and you’ll soon understand why.

I spent the day with Jax who got up at 5 this morning losing liquids from both ends, while dad has the girls at Averi’s one and only ball game today. He finally started feeling better after we squeezed in a nap, and by the end of the night he had himself feeling pooped again. I, on the other hand, started struggling about halfway through the day. Lots of nausea medicine is keeping things at bay, and I’m going to go against what I think I should do and push myself to rise before the sun to catch at least one of Averi’s games this weekend. The kids are supposed to have a game in the afternoon, weather permitting, and if I can just muster up the strength to get through these two things I’ll have plenty of time to rest and recoup another day.

Just another day in the life of being a mama. Our work is never done, and our children rely on us to be there whether we’re struggling or not. They don’t see us struggling, they only see the love we have for them just by showing up and being present.

It’s been rough around here lately, and I’m working so hard to continue getting better. It feels like thing after thing, person after person, continue to pile on top of the thing prior.

I have a handful of things I need to finish and share, but I’m running slower than normal. It’ll get there when the time is right, that much I know for sure. God doesn’t leave anything to chance. It is always on perfect time.

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