Always Be Humble & Kind

I used to receive something in the mail once a month called Faithbox. It was filled with all sorts of neat things and of course changed each month. This last month, before I stopped so we can budget a little more, contained two “pass it on, feel good” cards. They’ve been sitting on my desk for a couple weeks now as I waited to see who fell on my heart to send them to.

The other night as I laid in bed praying for all my people, one specific person jumped out at me. Due to lack of time and wanting to use just the right words, I only just got around to picking one to right in for her. Of course, I couldn’t decide which one because they were both so beautiful and made me think of her. Only, I opened and read the inside. One contained a verse that I know means absolutely everything to her, and I cried. I cried because God is so good, all the time. He sends us things to make others feel better and remind them they are not alone. I am truly humbled to know that God is talking to me, and I’m here and ready to listen.

I’ve said it before, that being an empath sometimes feels like a curse. My burdens become so big and so heavy, how can I possibly carry the burdens of those around me, too? But, I’m learning. It’s all about giving ourselves and other grace, compassion, the feeling of never being alone. With great empathy comes great responsibility. I no longer feel it a curse, but rather a blessing. I am blessed enough to take on the pain of others and still continue on. I can only pray that when this happens, their souls feel even the tiniest bit lighter.

I say it a lot but because I truly believe with my whole heart, and it’s in the Bible, we were never meant to go this alone. We can choose who we are to those around us. We can choose to be either a blessing or a curse, to help or to hurt, to bring darkness or light, to be the people that God Himself created us to be.

The next time you feel that tug at your heart, whether it’s giving that $5 bill you have laying on your console to the person standing on the corner, donating your clothes to a shelter, paying for someone else’s meal who comes after you, or hell, smiling and waving at someone, I pray that you do it. I pray that you do it with a full heart, an open mind, and knowing that what goes around comes around. God blesses us ten fold when we reach out and touch others with His hand.

Honestly, when the seeds I sew are ready for harvest, I just want to use that harvest to keep going, keep sharing, continue spreading good things to good people who just may need a little help along the way.

I do things in the quiet, nameless form of doing good things for others. I don’t feel like I have to post and tell the world that I did something kind for another person. The recognition isn’t necessary. God saw what I did, He knows I was listening, and that’s all that counts in my book. Your left hand doesn’t need to know what the right is doing. It’s okay to do your good deeds without blasting them to the world. Would you want one of your darkest times blasted on social media? I sure wouldn’t. Be thoughtful in the things you choose to do.

Good deeds come in all shape and size, no blessing is too small to send someone else. What if smiling and waving at that person saved their life? What if that’s what they needed in their very dark time, to keep living, to keep going, to know that things will get better? We feel like it is selfish of people when they take their lives, and it is, but try to use empathy to feel what they felt that pushed them so far. They didn’t do it for fun. It’s a permanent end to temporary situations, but often times they can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Be their light! Help guide them back to the path that leads to living. Not just surviving, but truly living.

Good, great, everlasting things are coming your way.

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