An Empath’s Broken Heart

My heart is just broken.

One thing about being an empath is the pain we feel when we know someone is hurting so deeply and even though we feel their pain with them, we cannot take it away. We can pray for peace and understanding in situations, but we ourselves, cannot dull the pain. We can only share in it.

Sometimes things happen that we don’t understand. Such as people who make choices to better their lives so they can be and spend time with those they love, and live a different life more fully and overflowing with love. Only to have their life shortened and ended before they could truly see and feel all the things.

The only way I can see the good in that is to believe that they were always going to get sick, have an unexpected illness, or even a freak accident. God just chose to have them want better for themselves, even for a short time, so they could experience things they wouldn’t have otherwise.

Those are times their loved ones will have to look back on and cherish so deeply in their hearts.

Times like these can cause people to question their faith and sometimes ultimately lose it. The most wonderful thing I’ve seen though, is someone who found their faith in the midst of an incredibly difficult and unexplainable loss.

All we can do is love, be there, and pray for those who meet these untimely events and walk with them as they travel this difficult road that seems to have no answers.

Love them unconditionally. Be present. Lend your heart. They need you now more than ever, and we have to trust that God has a reason for everything, even when we just can’t find a way to understand. It’s there, it will be known at some point, even if that’s not until you reach the pearly gates.

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