Collapsible Upchuck Buckets

We haven’t been sick sick in our house for years, but when it hit this time and even the baby was puking I realized I didn’t really want everyone barfing in my good, glass mixing bowls, and we really had no other options. Also, can you imagine trying to get a baby to puke in a giant glass bowl? Let‘s all just have a good laugh at that idea. To say she will be forever triggered when seeing those bowls is an understatement.

After going through my entire wardrobe because Alvi decided she would puke anywhere and everywhere that wasn’t that bowl, we needed something different. So, after a quick Amazon search I found these beauties, and to say I’m in love is an understatement!

Barf bucket or sand castle builder? You decide!

Easy to wash, easy to store, and multifunctional. I just couldn’t bear the thought of puke hitting my good bowls one more time.

Perfect pricing for a three pack, and as hesitant as I am for sickness to hit our house again, I can’t wait to see how they work. And, the best part is, no one needs to use mommy’s cooking bowls ever again.

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