Dancing in the Rain

Oh my buckets, what a beautiful day it was!

We were done with breakfast and outside before 8:30. We got the chickens fed and watered, bird feeders filled, baby chicks out to play, Brett built me a wooden stairway perch for my hens, and my main girls have mostly accepted our newest grown girl, Blue. To say I feel accomplished is an understatement.

Our final 3 special order baby peep peeps are in, and I spent a good chunk of time hanging out with Yankee before I had to run some errands. She’s doing and looking so much better today. Her mood is better and she has an appetite, and they’ve been letting her hang out with a soft and comfy blanket in one of the outdoor pens, because let’s face it, broken or not that girl loves to be outside. You can tell she’s eager to get up and go run, but soon enough she’ll be healing and right back at it again. Thank you, God.

What a treat it is to be in the process of healing and have chaos swirl around me. To see the difference in myself and the control and peace I’ve gained already on this journey is something I can’t even find words for.

Luci and I are reconnecting on so many different levels, Jax and I are definitely getting somewhere, and of course, Alvi is still just herself. Her tantrums and our long days have gotten so much easier to handle. Lack of sleep still isn’t much fun but it doesn’t take as much of a toll on me as it used to.

It feels good to feel good, you know? I wish I could talk more people into finding a way to make it work or take the leap to set up that first appointment. I can think clearly, my emotions are in check, and life is good. It’s so much easier to see the blessings I’m surrounded by instead of only seeing the bad, ugly, and what looks to be unfixable. Truly putting my faith where it goes and trusting that things are going to work out even when it doesn’t feel like they’ll ever get better is by far easier than it’s ever been.

I woke up today and let go of what I have no control over and started taking comfort in knowing that somehow, someway things have to get better. I’m choosing not to stay sitting down. I’m going to stand and fight for a better life.

We have a busy weekend that’s starting a day early, but we’re going to rock this chaos with peace and nothing but easygoing feelers.

Hang tight to see my new wagon that’s coming tomorrow! I’m so stinking excited, it’s almost sad. Being a parent means finding joy in things that make our crazy lives easier, and I’m okay with that!

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