Dirty Windows & A Joy Filled Heart

Today feels different. I woke up and I couldn’t tell you what it is, but I don’t want it to go away.

Is there such a thing as “Fall cleaning?” I know there’s Spring, but I don’t know about Autumn time.

We’re finally getting the living room painted and our house is starting to feel much more like a home after nearly three years.

I cleaned my windows and both of the bathrooms today. I’m quite proud of myself and feel I’ve earned that.

The windows are open and our house feels wonderful.

I managed to make fruit pouches for the kids and a double batch of energy bites. Dinner was made, eaten, and cleaned up by five o’clock. (Averi had ball practice during dinner time so we ate early.)

After dinner was done came the fun stuff.

Jax was upsetting Luci so she told him that she wanted Alvi to go live in a different house. What she had to do with anything I have no idea. Luci was upsetting Jax so he kicked her in the stomach. Deep breath, mama, deep breath.

But, the big one. That was when Luci decided she wanted to read a book that was being used to prop up our very large (don’t ask inches, I don’t know), expensive television that was sitting on a table unmounted from the wall so we could paint, and I watched as it fell over in slow motion. I did yell a profanity or two, but not at Luci, just in the general direction of watching the tv fall and being able to do absolutely nothing about it. We also can’t be mad at her, because one of us, the adults, should have been thinking enough to move it to a safer spot. It’s life and we’ll survive. It’s a television and no children were harmed, thanks be to God.

The more I manage to take a deep breath and let go, the more I am able to yell less and honestly, when all the chaos is closing in, I just get a big old chuckle out of how much my kids are just like their parents and it’s all going to be just fine and a lot less crazy someday.

I may not understand how I’m feeling today, but I’ve had the same thought on my mind most of the morning. Regardless of the less than fun things that happened today, it’s still hanging on.

Are you ready?

You do not wake up and just have a good life. You make it that way. You work for it and put in the time and effort to make it a good life. Only you can pour into yourself the things you truly need.

Whatever your beliefs are and however you show and give thanks for the good things you have, I highly encourage you to take a second to do that.

There’s a really neat story that I just love and I think it’s fitting for today.

There was a woman who chose to be very judgmental of her neighbor and her laundry. Her neighbor always hung her clothes on the line to dry, and from her kitchen, the woman would constantly tear her neighbor down to her husband. The neighbors clothes were just never clean and she couldn’t understand why someone would let their laundry look such a way and not want to make sure it was clean.

She got up one day and once again she nosed out her kitchen window at the neighbors laundry, only to find that today was the day her laundry was clean! She couldn’t believe how clean it was, and she told her husband as such, also pondering what changed with her laundry and how she finally managed to wash her clothes correctly. The husband responded by letting her know that he had just washed her kitchen window for her.

Moral of the story? Make sure your windows are clean before judging another.

I’ve related to this story a good handful of times, but this time it rings a little differently as I washed my own kitchen window. Normally I look at others lives with envy, wanting what they have and being able to mother, wife, and life the way they do. I look in from the outside through my own dirty windows feeling like I’ll never be enough compared to others.

Today, as I washed away the dust, dirt, and grime, I beamed while looking out my window. Looking at our spacious, beautiful, freshly trimmed yard and my chicken coop that exceeded all expectations I had for it while watching my gorgeous flock that I raised from day old to where they are now and I felt a sense of pride and joy over the wonderful things we have.

It wasn’t just the yard and chickens that I was reminiscing on. It was our entire life that Brett and I have build together. The home we have, our babies, our possessions. We aren’t rich nor are we materialistic, but we are grateful for what we do have, and how hard we (Brett) have worked to get to where we are. We aren’t rich, but we have what we need and we’re happy.

Not everyday is going to be great, and more of them than not may be much less than that. Life is tough and the punches will keep coming. It’s about how you hold yourself, how you view your blessings and hold them dear instead of focusing on our shortcomings and when it feels like things continuously go wrong.

It does get better, but you also have to do some of that leg work on your own. Make what you have count, make every step, baby or big, count. Don’t waste your time dwelling on what’s already done, or panicking over what’s to come. Live in the here and now with your family, before you blink and your chance is gone.

Sweet Regards,


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