Do What Brings You Joy

It’s crazy how much more peaceful I’ve felt since leaving my session Wednesday.

I haven’t felt angry once.

Okay, it starts but I shut that stuff down immediately. Deep breaths, putting things into my box, truly focusing on what my family really needs from me. I’m finally gaining self control over my emotions and the things I can control, and my goodness, how freeing that is.

If you don’t believe in therapy, you should really start. Everyone needs therapy. For one thing or another, every single person. No lie.

You can follow my story and try to implement some of these things on your own, try them your way, do them with the little information I’m able to explain about how my sessions go, but until you actually go for yourself, you won’t understand the feeling of true freedom from your demons.

If you won’t go to a therapist, I pray you find a friend. Let them be honest and real with you, let them boost you up and keep you motivated. Find someone and let them love you. Let them lend you their hand. Stop going this difficult journey alone. You were never meant to do it that way.

We spent the day hanging out, went to the greenhouse, planted flowers, played outside some more, took showers, and now the kids are in bed asleep.

We read books instead of turning on the tv, and we enjoyed the peace and each other’s company. Brett’s out again tonight so the kids are thrilled to be taking over my bed.

All of them except Averi, of course, but also… Alvi. Yep. You read that right. Alvi got into her crib ready, willing, and wanting to be there tonight. I have a secret and I promise in the next day or so I’m going to crack down and finish my post on that and get it out there for all the mama’s who might need a little magic in their life.

I also bought a baby cactus and a succulent today, because they’re cute and I love them. I have no idea what kind of succulent it is, but it looks like a Christmas tree for a fairy. If you need to know what fills my heart with absolute joy, aside from my kids and family, there are a few small things.

Chickens and ducks.


Cloth diapers.

Coffee mugs.

I have an adundance if each and every one of those things. They’re material, and I know that’s taboo, but if they make me happy should I really limit myself on how many are too many? I didn’t think so.

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