Endless Puking

We were up just after 6 this morning and on the road by 6:45. I cheated and had everything ready to go last night, and we stopped for a bag of donuts on the way out of town.

Averi finally smacked the ball in her game today and I love even got it on video! We we’re already headed home just after 9, because it was just a one and done if you lose. Our girls played so good though!

Brett took over when we got home and let me take a short nap on the couch, because I’ve just been so exhausted lately. He’s the best, even though he drives me bonkers most of the time.

We missed the text on the kids’ game being cancelled today so we drove 10 ish minutes to find out (not a big deal at all, it was a nice drive), and Luci was absolutely devastated. I didn’t realize how much she actually enjoys playing ball until today.

I really thought Jax and I just ate something that gave us a little bug, but this evening Miss Alvi starting throwing up everywhere and it happens every 10-15 minutes.

Our new and improved puke buckets work wonderfully! See related posts below if you don’t know what I’m talking about. Alvi just prefers to only puke in it for Brett and not mom. I’ve already showered but I’m currently coated in throw up because I haven’t had the energy or drive to change, again, and she keeps puking anyway. Luci is also throwing up now, and it’s even coming out her nose. Lord, have mercy.

It’s times like these I have to remind myself God in fact does not hate me and has not left me on my own. These are just lessons and times that are going to help make me an even better mom. I’m kind of thinking my current lesson is working on my patience.

Little things frustrate me, and that’s hard to handle. I don’t want to have a short fuse and be easily upset. Sometimes I get hyper focused on how easy things are for Brett and other people when it comes to my littles, but I have to remind myself of a couple very important things.

First, is that it’s tougher on me because I am their safe space. They know they can completely lose their minds and show me all their different sides, because my love is unconditional. Nothing will ever sway or lessen my love and complete adoration of and for them, and they know that. They can feel it. So, if I do one thing right, it’s making my kids feel safe and loved unconditionally.

Second, is that God chose me to be their mama. Of all the billions of people in this world, He entrusted them to me, and only me. How stinking cool is that? Cool, wonderful, unfathomable, scary, terrifying, and most everyday I’m just in awe of the amazing humans they are, and that they are mine.

Tomorrow will be better. There’s no other option. God‘s got this, and even though I’m sure I won’t be sleeping, I’m handing this over to Him and letting Him ease the stresses of our current situation.

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