Recently, I received a message from a dear friend. She was applauding my work and transparency with everything I’m doing right now and validating that I am seen! Me, a little small town girl with little to offer the world, am not invisible! And honestly, I was floored. It was such a humbling experience that I am forever grateful for.

The world makes it easy to forget we are all equal. Every last one of us. Her, you, the guy in the grocery line, and even me.

It is easy for me to view myself as lesser than others. My self esteem is rather low, but I’m working on that. We are all beautiful humans with our own individuality to offer this world. I never feel superior to others, this life is hard enough without making others feel belittled about who they are or what they have in this life.

It’s easy for me to feel no better than another, but it’s also easy to feel much less than others. I don’t feel like I compare to most people, that I can’t be on the same level as them, per say. But, with work I can continue learning to love myself and appreciate who I am and what I bring to others.

Our bank accounts, homes, possessions, and the way we live our lives may not look the same. But, my friend, we are still the same. We all struggle. We all know heartache and how cruel the world can be. It is so easy to think others have it better than we do, or their struggles aren’t as difficult as ours. But, quite simply, that just isn’t true. God only gives us what we can handle, as individuals. Just because someone else’s life looks easier than yours, does not mean it is. They may fight their battles differently than you, and remember, God sends them what they can handle, not you. Everything looks and feels differently to each and everyone of us, but the struggles are no less and no one person is above the rest.

Just the same as sin. When Christ died for our sin, sins weren’t put on a scale and labeled for how terrible they are from 1-10. Sin is sin. No if’s, and’s, or but’s, about it. Whether you tell a lie or commit murder, God forgives you just the same. You are no less hopeless than the sinner next door. We all have flaws. That’s why we need Jesus! If we were without sin, the world would be perfect, and that cannot happen. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again. Eve ate that damned apple and doomed us all to forever be imperfect, but God did not leave us without options! He cannot force you to do the right thing, but He can offer you a kind, loving hand to remove yourself from the mess you’ve made.

So, whether you struggle to feel equal to those around you, or maybe you don’t realize how easy your life may look to someone else, remember to be humble and kind. Be grateful for what you’ve been given, and most especially, the things you have not. We’re all just trying to make it out of this world alive, and that’s not even possible. Lend a hand, share your heart, help someone else remember they are seen and valid, not invisible without hope.

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