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Updated: Oct 7

Here’s the thing.

Just because you don’t like someone does not mean you have to do things that could cause them any sort of issues in life.

Recently I started cleaning to help add some cushion to our income, and I really love doing it.

Of course social media has been used to promote myself and get a good handful of clients, and someone who has hurt my family in what feels like unforgivable ways has found herself messing with comments leaving my name for people to contact.

I don’t know about you, but to me that screams drama of some sort, and if I were that person or business I’d most likely consider not messing around with that.

Why it has to be that way, I’m not sure.

Yes, every story has three sides. Her side, my side, and the truth.

She ultimately led to one of the worst days in my/my family’s lives, and we’ve all since cut ties.

Yes, she is blocked from my media, but somehow she has found a little jig in the system and gotten around that.

Regardless, my heart hurts.

It’s already been a handful of tough days, and having someone I thought was long gone show up again is rather upsetting.

We all have people we dislike. Myself included. As people, we’re allowed to have things and people we prefer to not keep in our lives.

But, I don’t go around doing anything that could cause any sort of guff or unhappiness in their life. They are them and I am me, and may I be hurt or not, I don’t need to do anything that could cause them harm. No, I don’t just mean physically. In any shape or form.

Leave others to themselves and worry about what’s good for you. What you put out into the world comes back to you ten fold, and I firmly believe that. I wish no harm on anyone, but when I want to hurt someone back that’s hurt me, I remind myself that that isn’t something I want to put out into the world to come back to me.

If you’re intentionally seeking to hurt others or cause them pain, I ask that you take a second to look into your own heart and find what you’re unhappy with. Work to fix that and find ways to mend yourself instead of being discouraging and sending bad vibes to people around you.

Sweet Regards,


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