Fourth of July Celebrations

It was a long week and a half, but we’re on the down hill slide and I’m extremely grateful.

Most if the time I had five kiddos to keep entertained, but the last couple days I bumped it up to seven.

Between the attitudes, fighting, sleepless nights, and awful heat that restricted the time we could spend out time, there were still so many good times and things to be thankful for.

There was swimming, playing, laughter, going to the park, growing relationships, time with friends, and learning to do my best to live in the moment.

Not with seven (I hope), but it gave me a glimpse into the future and how busy we’re going to be when mine get bigger and our schedules continue to grow. If I thought we were busy now, I just want to laugh at myself.

Our Fourth of July wasn’t exactly what I had hoped or planned for, but it gave me insight into the things I need to see change, boundaries that cannot be crossed, and what I see right and fit for my family. The one I’m raising and learning through. The one that I only get one shot at. My babies have needs and I need to make sure they’re met and made to feel important.

Often times in life we’re faced with difficult choices, difficult decisions. Most of them we find ways to resolve them, but there are times we’re faced with ultimatums. Ones that may be permanent and ones that may change over time. Whether we know which it is, we still have a choice to make.

It’s rarely ever the easy decision, but it’s almost always the right one. Life is one big plate full of choices, heartache, loss, anger, things that just don’t make sense. Big spoons full of things we don’t want to taste, let alone eat.

Mixed into that plate is also joy, blessings, sweetness, love, laughter, and so much goodness. Enjoy as much of these pieces on your plate as much as you possibly can, and make sure they outweigh the bad. Focus on the good, and the smaller your yucky portions will be.

It doesn’t feel like we can control what comes and goes in our lives, but if you dig down deep, you’ll find that most things you can. You don’t have to accept the behavior of others, or even yourself. If you look in the mirror and don’t like who you are, do something about it. If you look in someone’s window and find yourself in disgust with them, dig down deep. There’s a really really good chance it’s because you’re unhappy with something about yourself. All of our spiteful, envious, angry feelings we have towards others tend to be deep rooted in a pain that is in no way related to what they’re doing. Obviously if it’s the way they treat you, that’s a little different.

Ask to borrow a spoon if you need, and save your fork for the best is yet to come.

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