Full of Poo

Updated: Apr 14

Yesterday was the day. Alvi finally got to have her second opinion, and quite literally, she’s full of poo. All the way up to under her little baby lungs, she is absolutely packed full of poo and there is no obstruction. Which means we just have to make a few small changes.

All it took was a trip around this whole huge hospital for blood work and an X-ray to determine we possibly have a fairly easy fix to our screaming and no sleeping. Have you ever had an almost 17 month old have their blood drawn? Holy buckets, it took 3 of us and she was most definitely not pleased. The X-ray wasn’t so bad, but still not fun.

I absolutely loved our doctor and his attention and drive to help find the cause. I suppose it was pretty clear to him when I told her how much milk my kid drinks. Did you know it should only be one cup a day? Three kids later and I finally figured it out. In my defense - she’s the first to have issues like this. It just goes to show how different children are and we, as parents, are always learning new things, regardless of how simple it may seem once we get there.

We didn’t see eye to eye in the dealing with tantrums and turning myself into a “cry it out” kind of mom, but that’s okay. I have no judgement against people that methods like this work for, they just aren’t for me. They aren’t for Alvi either, because if we’re honest, I’ve had to put her in her crib and step back for awhile and I will tell you, she never stopped crying. Not once. But that’s okay! She is mine, and I am hers, and this is our journey. Together, with the help of God, and maybe a couple friends who will let me sneak in some extra sleep here and there, we will continue our sweet and crazy journey.

To anyone and everyone who said prayers for this sweet girl, thank you! We have an answer, a starting point, and a plan of action. We should hopefully see some really wonderful changes in the next two weeks.

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