Give Grace

For the love of all things holy - give grace to others. Struggling people do not need reminded they are struggling. Trust me, they already know where they’re at.

If someone trusts you enough to open their heart and share their trials with you, there’s a reason for it. They feel some sort of connection to you, or that door wouldn’t have been opened.

We live in a world where it’s not okay to be not be okay. We are expected to face everything as if it is nothing, and do it all without falling apart. But, my dear, sometimes we have to fall apart so things can fall together.

“It’s fine.

I‘m fine. Everything is fine.“

How often do you say that, or hear it from others? If you feel so inclined, remind them they don’t have to remain a closed book with you, but if you do that, for the love of all good things, don’t remind them how close to rock bottom they are. Instead, reach out your hand and help them get their footing. I promise, you won’t regret helping someone in their time of need. It is so easy to get lost and feel hopeless in the trenches, even while praying for a way out. Life is really stinkin’ hard sometimes, because Satan. He doesn’t want you to feel loved, important, worthy, or anything besides pain and heartache.

Be gentle. Give grace. Lend a listening ear and a kind heart. We could all use some encouragement and a sweet reminder that this too shall pass. Struggling people are already beating themselves up enough, take the sweeter route with them.

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