Going Beyond Limits

I don’t know about you, but being a parent pushes me to push myself well beyond the point of breaking and still willing myself to stay whole.

Society says juggle all the plates and don’t let anyone see that you’re cracking, about to lose it all.

You’re fine. It’s fine. Keep going.


Stop it.

You have kids, maybe a job outside the home (or now at home), and if you do both kudos to you. Because I tend to drop my hats trying to balance them all, even when I only work a couple days a week.

Most recently I went nearly a week without being home longer than to be able to get some sleep. Everything, and I mean everything was in shambles. Dishes, laundry, toys, more laundry, crumb covered floors.

I’m grateful and blessed that the day we finally got to spend an afternoon and evening at home Brett was here to help tag team the cleaning and the mess.

But, not everyone has that help. Some do it all completely on their own, and all the time.

We feel the need, the drive, to live in a perfectly clean magazine ready home. If you accomplish that without a nanny, housecleaner, or any other form of help, please feel free to share your system.

I spend my days pushing until I’m hanging onto the edge, and then I keep going. I run without sleep, clean the whole house in a day just for it to look the same as it did when I started the very next day, and get so lost in it all I lose track of spending time with my kids or having the time and patience to listen to just one more of their stories before bedtime.

Our kids deserve so much more than that. They don’t care how perfect the house looks, or even how good it smells. They want mama to sit on the floor and play farm animals or sit in the recliner and read a stack of books 15 tall.

This is me, pleading with you. Do it.

Every day I get up and tell myself I’m going to hold off on starting that next load of laundry, or cleaning the floors yet again, and before I know it it’s the end of yet another day that I missed out on my babies or lost my patience yet again and raised my voice instead of just letting them play.

I will get there. I’ll get better. I haven’t stopped working towards my goal and my kids are too important to give up on this for them.

This isn’t just for us as parents or caretakers, it’s for our littles who thrive when we focus on them. Who grow and learn and love because we made time for them in the life society told us we’re supposed to live.

Sit a little longer, snuggle a little harder, read just one more book. Your babies will remember the extra minutes you spent with them. I promise.

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