Gonna Get Your A** Kicked

This morning I woke to Luci telling Jax to stop it, she was going to count to 3 (actually went to 5), and that he was going to get his ass kicked. Why? I’m still not even sure. We had to have a wee little talk about that being a naughty word and unkind thing to say to someone. Brett so kindly pointed out she hears it from her mum. Thank you, honey. She also found it funny to tell me she was going to kick my ass while we were trying to get ready for ball. I tell you what, it was kind of hysterical, but I think it’s sort of frowned upon for kids to say curse words. Don’t worry, we had another little chat where I assured her mommy would work on using better language, and that little girls still can’t use such naughty words.

Grandma was supposed to go to a rehab center, but the one they sent her just wasn’t a good fit. So, my mom went and picked her up and took her home today. All is going well, and they’ve found home health care who can and will come daily to help get her back on her feet.

We had 2 rough nights in a row with Alvi, and I’m pooped. Currently, she’s wreaking havoc in the drivers seat with me while the kiddo’s have t-ball practice and Brett and Averi help out on the field.

Practice at 5:30 for an hour means by the time it’s over and we get home it‘s already basically 7, and bedtime is at 8. Yikes. We crunched an easy dinner of Alfredo sauce on veggie noodles with instant mashed potatoes and buttered bread. Alvi even waited patiently for her diaper to come off before the shower so she could take a turd on the floor. Quick showers and a camp out on the couch are in order since Averi is here and the kids like to sneak in as much time with her as they possibly can.

I’m so hopeful for a good night’s sleep, and a day “away” with some friends and family who live truly in the middle of absolutely nowhere. Things are finally starting to move in a better direction with our mess of life, and it feels so good. I so badly wish it were enough to calm my anxiety, but I’ll take what I can get. God has a plan, and I need to trust that with my whole heart before I can start to see real improvement.

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