Grab Your Umbrella

Before you dive into this post, I want you to go listen to the song Let It Rain by Crowder. Because a-stinkin’-men, friends! This song is on repeat for me right now! The beat, the words, it makes me want to dance, and I, I do not dance, guys. If you want a song that’s going to make you put your hands in the air and send the praise where it goes, I promise you will not be disappointed!

“So let it rain, let it pour Lord, I need You more and more Let it rain, rain down on me Every day, whatever You want Not my will but Yours, Lord Let it rain, rain down on me”

Goosebumps, guys! Goosebumps!

When God sends the rain, He is your umbrella. You can choose to stand in the pouring rain asking God why, or you can use the umbrella you’ve been given and trust Him to keep you dry. Either way, the rain will come.

Have you heard the story of the man who drowned in the sea waiting for God? It goes something like this: A man’s ship sank in the sea and he was stranded with no land in sight. He prayed asking God to save him. A fisherman came upon the man and asked if he needed help. The man told him no, he was waiting for God. So on went the fisherman, and later another boat of men came upon the man. Again, he was asked if he needed saved, and again, he said no. A third and final boat came, and he refused the help. The man got tired and what happened? He drowned. When he got to heaven he asked God why He didn’t save him, to which God replied, “I sent you three boats, what more could I have done?”

Sound familiar? God sends us help more often than we sometimes acknowledge. We’re too busy looking for a grand miracle to notice God’s help all around us. People criticize Him when He doesn’t perform the worldly viewed miraculous things they expect from Him, but God has never worked that way.

Over the last couple weeks, I was struggling immensely. It took a lot for me to finally admit I was drowning and needed help, but when I did He sent me the people that I needed, at just the right time to remind me I am not alone and He never forgets about us.

The magic of one small phrase is endless, and you never know when you’re actually doing God’s work by following that tug you feel at your heart.

Follow that tug. You may just be a much needed umbrella to someone in need. You could be the answer to someone’s prayers; the help they so desperately need.

We were put here to help God do His work, not just to receive the benefits of being a believer. Being a believer means delivering His messages and helping him perform His miracles, no matter how small or how grand the world perceives them to be.

You reap what you sow. Always. You cannot plant seeds of sorrow, hate, bitter, angry seeds and expect to reap bountiful fruit.

Sow good seeds. Bountiful, ever growing, and joyful seeds. Fruitful, love and kindness filled seeds.

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