Head Above Water

Let's be honest - life can be absolutely debilitating.

Your kids don't listen, mixed with the dishes that continue to pile up, and sprinkle on laundry that is always overflowing the baskets. You've always wanted to be the parent that didn't yell, who has en empty, clean sink, laundry is always magically washed and folded immediately, an all around person that can do it all exceptionally with no hiccups and gracefully.

Whether you're a working parent or you stay home full time, the tasks of parenthood and life are endless.

But, then you add even more life on top of your already overflowing plate and you become entirely overwhelmed by the constant, never ceasing chaos and wish for five minutes. Just five whole minutes to sit down, collect your thoughts, to not be used as a jungle gym or kleenex, and no more Lego's to step on.

Simply - we long for a break. Not because we can't handle it, but because it's hard. Life takes balance and the smallest things have the biggest ability to send us spiraling to the depths of darkness. We trip, stumble, and sometimes, we even fall down. We hit rock bottom.

We choose how to react to these seemingly harmless scenarios, and until recently, it was so easy for me to succumb to the chaos in the worst ways.

Dishes piled up, laundry wasn't washed, let alone put away, and I raised my voice. If we're being honest, I'm still struggling in that area. But, my kids lived a crazy ride of a life for six months and this is their first taste of normalcy in so long, it feels wrong to them. They aren't sure how to process it. It's been such a learning curve for all of us, and everyday I promise myself to do better for them, for us.

Every single day, I get up and I try again. My best foot goes first, and I turn to my faith. We all have ways of making it to the other side of the storm, and whatever yours is, hold tight to it.

The storms will keep coming, the water will rise, and it will feel like your ship is sinking. Being a 90's kid, Avril Lavigne was my jam, and during one of the many storms of life I've experienced I stumbled across a new song she had just put out called Head Above Water. Whoa. Just - whoa. This song spoke volumes to me and in tough times, it still does.

When everything around me is failing and I can't seem to pull it together, God keeps my head above water. He knows what I need to stay motivated and keep going.

We owe it to our children to keep going, to keep giving it our best. They deserve our attempt at exceptionalism. The world is already cruel, let's not raise children who spend their adult years recovering from their childhood. We have to teach them that there is still good in this world. They are the good that will shine their light in the darkness and change their surroundings. The impact our children will have on this world is endless.

If it weren't for my children, I've no clue what I would be doing with my life right now. They give me the ultimate gift and utmost important job. They give my life a meaning, a purpose. These kids are the reason I get up everyday determined to change the world.

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