Heavy, Frustrated Heart

The thing is, someone came along and needed to share something on my personal page with Averi’s mother, that pertained to our limited time and not wanting to share our time we do get, with other people.

This isn’t to get into a large discussion about it, and I’m also not looking to talk about it, but when she brought it to my attention and also took it out of context, things are now not in a very good place.

I’m not sorry whatsoever, because my discussion was valid and in no way shaming her.

My privacy was taken from me, and I’ve not had to handle that for an abundant amount of time. I do understand this blog is public and anyone can find it, but this isn’t something her and I discuss nor is it something that should be apart of her life. We may coparent, but we are not friends. So, knowing my personal Facebook was being shared, my blog is no longer just mine.

After all was said and done, someone from ”Boaz” somewhere in the U.S. was on the blog, and the first thing that came to mind was the book of Ruth. Right now, I do not have the strength or leg to stand on to be a Ruth, and because of that I will be taking a short hiatus.

I may be back sooner, but for now I need to sit with these feelings and find a way to handle what’s just happened.

Sweet Regards,


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