I Am Human

I am human.

I have limits.

I fall short every single day.

I deserve respect and kindness just as much as the next person.

My limits are not always as big as other peoples, and I will not apologize for having boundaries. I’ve worked long and hard to get as far as I’ve come, and I want to keep the progress that‘s been made. There’s still so far to go, but I am only human.

I‘ve spent many years handing out spoons I didn’t have to give, sitting alone with an empty cup, and leaving myself to be the last who was taken care of.

Learning that I have to be important too if I’m ever going to feel joy and have extra to give others has shown me that some people only stuck around because of the things I offered them, because now that that’s gone, so are they.

It does make me sad but I’m going to be just fine, because I need more than just “takers” in my life. I need people who are willing to give within their limits, and accept when mine don’t reach as far as they’d like sometimes.

I am only human, and I can only handle so much.

My kids, Brett, and our household comes first. They will always be who I pour into first, and there is zero shame in that. They need it just as much as I do, and there will be days that all I have to give is enough for our home. That is okay.

Kindness is such a wonderful blessing to share with others, but there are times it does cost us something. Not money, but a spoon, or several, and that can be worth so much more than a monetary amount. It can cost us a ding to our mental health, and when done on repeat, you have nothing left to give the most important people in your life.

Those tiny people, your spouse, and especially yourself, all deserve you at your best. You’re still going to have rough days, but you’ll have more energy and more drive to give because your cup will be full and ready to overflow onto others.

Don’t look to other people to find your joy and kindness you deserve. Find it in you, for you, and go from there.

You are so darn important. Stop pretending you’re not. Stop allowing others to make you feel less than worthy.

You are going to get there, you’re already on your way.

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