Is it Tuesday, or a Monday?

Today was supposed to be my “off” day for the week. Let’s all laugh together.

We spent a good majority of the day outside, but I still couldn’t just focus on the littles. Things needed done and my drive to get it done is overwhelming.

Thankfully, not only do I have therapy tomorrow, I have a call visit with my psych. As sad as it makes me to admit it, I just don’t think medicine number 8 is working. In fact, I know it’s not. My frustration, overwhelming need to clean, short fuse, and grumpiness are all overly present lately. Try as I might, I just cant unwind myself.

Laundry needed done, so it’s washed but definitely not folded. I shook everything out and turned it all right side out, but it’s laying in a heaping pile waiting to be hung up or folded. I’m beat and it’s not worth staying up another hour to do when there’s much to be done tomorrow.

The couch is piled high with toys. I don’t even care. They're not allowed to be on the floor, because Yankee. The kids can finish picking up, sorting, and putting them away tomorrow.

The kitchen is a mess, and we’ll just leave it at that.

The baby managed to get her hands on our powder Tide detergent while I was cleaning another mess, and I’m just grateful that she used the scoop to dump piles of it onto the floor instead of eating it. If it weren’t for God watching over her, we could be in some big trouble right now. Also, no, it is never accessible to her, this was just a fluke time we had extra that didn’t get taken to the basement right away as it should have, and I promise we learned our lesson.

The kids are sleeping in their own bed tonight for the first time in months, because it’s just time. They need routine and good sleep, and they don’t get that in my room anymore. Bedtime was dreadfully rough, it breaks my heart to have them be so sad and just want to sleep in my bed. If I could let them until they chose not to on there own, you bet I would. But, there also has to be room in the bed for Brett. Bless his heart for all the nights he sleeps on the couch just so our littles can stay with mom, but he works hard and deserves some nights in his own bed, too.

Oh, hey, we also added four baby ducks to our family today. They’re absolutely adorable, and I can’t wait to add a plastic baby pool to the community coop so they can swim and do all the fun things.

As summer creeps in and the weather gets nicer, I will continue the blog but my focus will mainly be on my little people. This is our last summer with Luci before she starts school, and I want to do anything and everything we possibly can together with next to no wasted time. I’m already hard to get ahold of most days, but this summer I will especially be limiting my time on my phone unless it’s to blog or take pictures and videos of my sweet babes. I promise if I’m spotty, it’s not because I don’t want to talk or be available, but my kiddos need a present mama. That’s a huge thing we’re working on breaking a barrier in with my therapist, and I can’t do it if I’m focusing my attention on nothing but my phone.

We have teeball, softball, family, friends, and all sorts of adventures to go on this summer. I’m already exhausted just thinking about it, but I’m already also having such a blast getting to watch these guys go out and explore doing new things, meeting new people, growing, and being the absolute coolest little humans I’ve ever met.

We’re so busy, but it’s a good busy, and I’m learning to embrace and love it more than I could imagine I would. I may be biased, but dang, I have some really stinking cool mini versions of myself. Stubborn, chaotic, and attitude filled mini me’s, but they’re teaching me new things each and everyday, and I thank God for blessing me with the gift of being a mom. Their mom.

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