It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

It’s okay that you are not okay. It’s okay that Karen didn’t like your lasagna recipe, or everyone in the drop-off line at your kids’ school saw you in your pajamas because you forgot to turn the child lock off on the back door. Life is messy, and we can’t be perfect all the time.

Things will always be difficult and hectic, that won’t ever change. It is how we respond to it that matters. Let the waves come and keep swimming. The strength you gain from the trouble you face today will make you stronger for tomorrow.

Life is not meant to be easy. God sends us trials to help us grow and remind us to lean on Him when the trouble feels like more than we can handle. He never sends anything we cannot conquer, but we have to remember to look to Him to guide us and get us to the other side.

When you start to feel down and out, like the whole world is fighting against you, it is okay to be upset. It is okay to feel sad, hurt, angry even. Feel your feelings because they are valid, they are real.

Once you have acknowledged how you feel, you have to start processing those feelings. Let yourself feel them through and through. Get to know them.

Then, you stand back up. Plant your feet firm on the ground, and you continue moving forward.

Hold your head a little higher, brush off the first, and own it. Let what you felt inspire you to grow and be stronger than before this mountain.

God sends our trials to remind us we are not meant to do it on our own. He is one rock and our support, and when we turn away, the trials only get harder.

The closer I get to God and the more I open my heart and ears, the more peace I have started to feel. It is an overwhelming sense of joy and absolute rest.

Let go and let God. That’s what we are meant to do, and the sooner you do the sooner you will find your peace.

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