Just Ask

At first I was almost angry. It’s upsetting and I am truly heartbroken.

A few mornings ago I went outside to let the chickens out to free roam for the day and gather eggs, but there weren’t any. I guessed it was a fluke and maybe I got them the night before and just forgot.

Yesterday morning when I went out, there were again, no eggs. This time I knew for sure. I had left eggs in there the night before, being lazy, and planned to get them that morning to use for breakfast. Instead, our eggs were gone.

Someone decided it was okay to come into not only our yard, but also inside our chicken coop. I’m thoroughly grateful they at least relocked the coop and didn’t let any chickens loose, but I’m just not okay with being stolen from.

There is now a padlock on our chicken coop.

Knock on my door. We don’t ask anything for our eggs.

We are good people. Flawed, but good. You can have the shirt off my back. Tell me what you need and we’ll give whatever we have that you’re in need of without question, without reason. Zero judgement. We all struggle and asking for help is so much better than stealing. Don’t take away someone’s safety because you’re too afraid of denting your pride.

Just ask.

Something similar happened a little over a month ago when Brett was on the road and a woman stole his last $38 in cash and our credit card. I don’t know why she didn’t just ask, but stealing was the way to go for her, too.

Brett hopes to see her again so he can give her cash and tell her to just ask next time.

Brett works so gosh darn hard to provide for our family. Our house isn’t overflowing with bougie things, but we have what we need, and he’s earned that for us. We aren’t greedy, and we’re more than happy to share.

Just ask.

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