Just Keep Smiling

“Just keep smiling, we’ve all been there. You’re doing a good job.”

Alvi slept in her crib until 5:30 this morning. I actually started to panic slightly when she started fussing and I saw light coming in the windows.

We snuck in another hour of snuggly sleep, I finished the last 8 curls my hair need from last night, got the three littles dressed & fed, and we headed to church. It’s an hour drive and we were even 10 minutes early!

Alvi started one of her knock down drag outs during worship but by some miracle she calmed down shortly after the music stopped and it was time for the message. That miracle? Was partly the lady who sat behind us today and did several things to try and help me out, bless her heart. The panic was setting and I started trying to decide how quickly I could repack the kids’ church bag and duck out before anyone realized we had even been there to begin with. Her second tantrum started during the end worship, but the lady behind us came to my rescue once more.

At the end of the service she made sure to remind me to keep smiling, we’ve all been here, and I’m doing a good job. How badly I needed those words from a stranger, and she didn’t even know it. God did and He made sure I got the message.

Today the sermon focused on comparing ourselves to others and plum lines. A plum line is a way to measure whether or not something is perpendicular and lines up accordingly. When measuring our sin, it should not focus on if we’re doing better than one person or the other. It’s comparing yourself to how the Bible says God wants us to be and going from there. Getting up every day and aiming to do better than the day before.

We made it home for a quick lunch before heading back out to Luci and Jax’s game while Brett manned Averi’s games. The girls won a game so that meant we were playing more than our original two games, so the littles and I headed back to the fields once their game was over.

It’s been an extra long and tiring weekend, but these are the times I’m learning to live for. The moments I can handle the chaos like a boss and take the pitches life throws at me. I didn’t even mind all the driving that happened today, and it was a lot, especially with three small kids and no DVD player anymore. Averi’s games are a good hour from home and I had already been up this way once for church this morning. The whole day was entirely worth it, and it’s bittersweet this was the last weekend of ball for the year.

We’re on to different, but still fun, adventurous, and big things the rest of the summer. It’s our last summer with Luci baby before she starts school full time this fall, and I am determined to make everyday count.

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