Kindergarten Roundup

Kindergarten Roundup is today, and my mama heart is feeling all the feels. How can my firstborn be ready to start school?

There is so much sadness and hesitation, but also so much joy and excitement. The fear and anxiety is real. How hard it is to trust someone else with our precious babies, but it’s part of life and them growing up. It does help I know who she’s with today, and what a beautiful soul to entrust my baby to. It has really helped knowing the school and staff as well as I do, and I am thoroughly grateful for everything that school has provided to us in different aspects of our life.

I pray that I’ve done what I can to prepare her for today and this new journey. I know it’s not actually the beginning of kindergarten, but this is very much the first step. In 4 short months, this will be her everyday life. I won’t be there if she falls and scrapes her knee, if someone is unkind to her, to make sure she is kind to others, to guide her, to bring her comfort. All of the things that mama’s live to do for their littles.

But, if there are a few things that I know, they are that she is:

















Though she be mine, she is first and foremost, God’s. It’s coming time to place her in His hands and trust that I’ve done my part, and He’s got it covered now that I can’t be with her all the time. The anxiety is still very real, but I also have the next 4 months to entirely devote as much time to her and her siblings as much as I possibly can, before things change for good.

She wasn’t even gone 10 minutes and Jax informed me that he very much misses his sister and he’s ready for her to come home now. They’ve become the best of friends over the last several months, and I know that it’ll take some big adjusting for both of them. Mainly Jax, because he’ll be stuck home with myself and baby sister while Luci is fully occupied. But, it’ll all be fine in the end.

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