Mother’s Day

When I got home the night before last, I realized I had forgotten to turn off the sprayer on our toilet I used to rinse diapers, and it’s got a leak. So, I found myself a bathroom floor that had a nice layer of water covering it.

We have a few things going that I’m working on. I solved a few things on my own like a big girl, but I also took a punch to the gut with words. If I said I was hurting, it would be an understatement.

This journey I’ve started isn’t an invitation for others to put down or bring forward my shortcomings to not only myself, but also to the attention of my children themselves. Life is hard enough without having those that are meant to build us up, working to tear us down.

I have my faith and I have hope. When I got knocked down, I may get mouthy for a bit (working on that, too) and lean towards the sad side, but you better be damn sure I’m going to stand back up, brush myself off, and start again.

Everyday brings new things. New challenges, new mountains, new beautiful, heartfelt, life changing moments. You can’t have the good without the bad, and there will always be bad. Scary, hard, gut wrenching things are going to keep happening and it’s entirely inevitable. The change happens when we decide how we’re going to handle and compose ourselves when the storms come.

Since I started this entry yesterday, I’ve flooded my bathroom a second time, the kids are slowly learning that mom means business and the attitudes have to go, stayed up well past 2 am, and still got up at 6:15 to make it to the one church I’ve ever felt at home in for Mother’s Day.

Mother’s are one of the most beautiful creatures to walk this earth. God created us and gave us the ability to fix boo-boo’s with a kiss, mend broken hearts with snuggles, make peanut butter sandwiches a delicacy, raise kind and loving humans, make wearing the same clothes for 3 days classy, and introduce our children to all of the ways they can shine they’re sweet little lights to the world. We have the ability to raise children who will conquer in the face of evil, bring good to the world, and know they’re worthy of all of this and more. How awe-struck do you get thinking about things like this? Because it brings me to tears quite often just imagining the things my children have the ability to change in this world.

We spend our whole lives teaching our children all about the world, but in the end they show us what life is truly all about. There are moments as parents that have the ability to bring us to our knees. For one reason or another, out of sadness or out of pure elation that we’ve accomplished something so amazing in our children with the help of God Himself.

To all the mama’s out there - I pray you have the most wonderful, easy, love filled, fancy day of being a mom to your littles. Even if a day like that includes poppy diapers, restless naps, finicky lunches, a splash of sarcasm, and all the sass. May God give you all the strength to handle your chaos with grace and tenderness.

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