Stay Tuned…

Holy buckets. Weekends are by far our busiest.

Yankee came home last night before we headed off to late evening softball games, the girls won their first game of the season, the kids survived on small naps in the car.

Yankee’s break didn’t look as difficult as it truly was in the X-ray so they started inside but ended up doing an outside pin job to fix her up. The kids are so happy to have her home, and so is this mama. It’s going to be a long six weeks of healing, but we’ll get there.

My awesomely fantastic Evenflo Pivot Xplore wagon stroller rolled up just in time for me to assemble it and load it into the back before we had to head out for ball.

I unpacked the car with Alvi screaming blood curdling screams strapped to my back the entire time I unpacked the car and got the two bigger ones situated and our garden wagon backed with chairs and the good stuff.

People stared, but that’s okay. Let ‘em. She’s not hurt, she’s just a wee bit feisty and more power to them if they think there’s something that can tame this beast.

I pushed the kids in the Xplore, kept Alvi strapped to my back, and pulled out little red wagon behind me, all the while feeling like a complete bad mama, and no, not in a bad way. I was on my own, but that didn’t hold me back from getting what needed done done and checking my boxes on the way. Our kids rely on us, and if they can’t, then who will they have to count on?

Let me tell you what. My confidence in myself is growing a little more each day. I feel better, I act better, and it’s starting to kinda look like I’ve got my shit together, even when I don’t, because I can maintain my composure.

You get to a point in motherhood and healing that the chaos no longer consumes you. You conquer that chaos with grace and strength knowing you’re the perfect one for this job, or it wouldn’t be yours. Will there still be hard days? Abso-stinking-lutely. Probably more than we feel we can handle, but the niche you find to weather the storms becomes who you are and the chaos fades into nothing more than a little extra background noise.

We‘ve been getting up, doing breakfast, and getting outside before 9 daily to make it a habit. We have chickens to tend to, a garden and flowers to water, birds to feed, and so much energy to burn.

After chores are done the kids get to play and run until they’re famished and ready for lunch, even after eating two breakfasts. Depending on the day we nap afterwards and go back out to play when we’re done, or days like today we played until we had to pack up and head to another ball game.

They may only last an hour, but I think at this point even my eyeballs are sunburnt. The kids are worn out and the only reason they’ll get a reprieve tomorrow is because they also have a game, meaning Brett and I will have to spilt ways to cover all of our bases.

We decided last minute to hit up an actual Mexican restaurant instead of good ole Taco Bell, and I can’t wait to tell you how it went. If you were present for this shindig, I have zero regrets.

Brett has yet to be in a somewhat fancy setting while Alvi is having one of her fancy fits. So, when we were seated in the middle of everyone and Alvi Lou started melting down, Brett tried everything he could think of to con this kid into calming down. I laughed so hard I practically cried. He asked how I wasn’t embarrassed and I very simply explained this is just who she is and there’s no sense in worrying what other people think. Somehow, that wasn’t even the best part.

Luci needed to go potty and I had already taken my turn and run Jax in. So, Brett hauled Luc off to potty. Upon returning, as I remind you we are seated at a table in the middle of everyone, Luci very loudly announces, “hey, hey, so when I was going potty I looked and said hey dad what are you doing, and you know what he was doing? He was peeing in the trash can!” Oh, how loud and proud she announced this. I couldn’t shush her fast enough, and I was immediately sent to tears from laughing to hard and cutting it very close to wetting my own pants. I can’t tell you how fast I had everyone finish their food and ducked them out the door. I know laughing wasn‘t the best response, but please remember I’m running on zero hours of sleep, so hysterics it is. It’s also safe to say I think we should find a New Mexican joint.

Yes, Brett does weird stuff sometimes. No, I don’t know why. This time he said it was because he couldn’t hold it, but the heck if I’ll ever really know what goes on in that upstairs of his.

I’ve officially decided that since this is our last weekend of ball, we’re going hard or going home! So, the 3 smalls and I will get up, get ourselves together, and we’re going to head to church, but still be back in time for their ball game in the afternoon. Depending on how Averi’s team does, we may swing back up to catch more of her games.

I’m blown away that it’s only Saturday night, but we’ve managed baths, teeth brushed, and keeps 98% asleep before 10 o’clock so I’ll take it for a win.

This is definitely one of those “please stay tuned…” episodes I can guarantee you won’t want to miss.

Keep your head up and remember that the crown you wear is not on your head, but on your soul. You are a child of the King, and good things are coming your way.

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