Park Adventures

We went to the park yesterday. Twice.

Even after a couple of very long nights and rough days, I did it anyway. I needed it just as much as they did, and it felt so good. My edginess was still somewhat present, but I’m working on it. Everyday is a chance to do better and be better, and I won’t give up.

What a blessing it is to be able to look at my past and know I want to rise from it instead of wallow in it. My humans deserve the very best version of their mama, and I’m going to be damn sure I do everything in my power to make that happen.

The second round of park time Auntie Kait and her sweet littles joined us, and it made the adventure all the sweeter. Knowing my children have people of all different kinds in their lives gives them an opportunity to not only learn and understand, but to love and accept everyone they meet with open arms.

I may not have an over abundance of friends and people we hang out with, or kids that go to day care and have a ton of social interaction, but we are blessed with the best. A few who love and understand versus many and of whom you hardly see and the bonds just aren’t there, are far more powerful than some can imagine. Our village may be small, but it’s full of nothing but the good, the crazy, the real, and the nitty gritty chaos.

God gives us who and what we need. Most times long before we know what that is. Fill your life with the people and opportunities that raise you up, pull you higher, and keep you on firm ground. That way, when the storm comes, you don't have to fear going it alone. God has already sent you the very tools and people you need.

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