Rainy Seasons

We’ve had weeks of nothing but rain and clouds. It followed such beautiful weather, and it’s been iffy ever since. Blotches of rain still happen, and we’re still in the midst of a season change.

The thing is, it surely feels like this chapter of my life and the season we’re in match up perfectly. The rain is pouring outside, and there’s a storm brewing in our life as well. Obviously, it’s feeling a lot like we’re over the big stuff and finally in the showers portion of the season, but it strikes me that the weather and this chapter are lining up so in sync with each other.

These things give me hope that as this season passes, so will the storms we’re currently dealing with. As we prepare for beautiful sunshine and warm days. I can’t help but feel all the warmth and joy that’s going to come in our next chapter. Surely, there will still be chaos and crazy, but a warmer, sweeter version is what we’re hoping for.

Often it feels like our rainy seasons never end, there’s never a break in the clouds, but do you stop to recognize and thank God when there is one? I know I’m guilty of forgetting to thank Him for the good, and not just question the bad. It’s all a process and something we have to continue to work on. We will never be perfect, but we can be purposeful in what we do.

There will always be another lesson, another mountain, rainy seasons, tough decisions, harder chapters with more crying than not, difficulty deciding where you’re supposed to go, but it’s how you handle these trials that matters. God will get you through, but do you trust Him? Really trust Him? Do you lean on your faith, instead of feeling alone and abandoned? Do you stop to take a deep breath, and remember that you are not going to be here forever, you’re not stuck?

The longer you spend dwelling, wallowing, asking why me, and sitting in your pit; the longer it’s going to take you to begin the climb out of that pit.

Be present in your relationship with God. Be purposeful with your prayer, your talking, hearing what‘s being put on your heart. God can’t talk to you if you’re not listening, or you have 6 other stations playing, too. He wants to talk to you, not over the other things you’re putting higher than Him.

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