Restless Feet

For whatever reason, I woke after a really bad dream at 1:30 this morning and couldn’t sleep. So, I prayed. For anyone, for everyone, I just spent time talking to God in case there was someone out there that God intentionally woke me just to pray for.

By the grace of God, I woke at 7:00 this morning and had an entire hour to myself to prep for the day ahead. Yankee and I sat on the front porch for a cup of coffee, my morning devotional, and some time to pray.

After a long day of busting tail working on our yard/backyard again, I had the cutest, most innocent thought. I thought I would sit down for roughly an hour and kick my feet up with Alvi while Brett took the other two to ball practice.

I am hysterical, in case we’ve never met. So, this beautiful idea of mine, just makes me laugh and shake my head.

Instead, I cleaned up dinner, folded week old laundry that was piled in the unused baby crib, cleaned both toilets, rinsed a poopy diaper that crawled out from the depths of hell, took the puppy out to potty a couple times, cleaned up an accident, got Alvi a snack.. Do you see a pattern yet? I, in fact, did not sit down. I just did, but now the kids will be back any minute and they will need bathed and gotten ready for bed. Then, Brett will head off to work and I’ll conquer bedtime on my own. I’m also kidding. As soon as I sat down the puppy went to the door and started whining to go potty.

Guess what? The kids pulled in while Yankee was pooping. So, now it’s time to shower and pajama them.

At the end of a quickly done, no hair washing shower, I sort of sat down. Followed by a bunch of other never ending monotonous things that needed done real quick. The kids have even had their nails trimmed and Luci’s attitude has landed her in the corner.

Days like today feel never ending, but I also know I want these times to last forever. I’m not ready for them to outgrow my lap, playtime, or truly wanting my undivided attention. There are things I’ll be honest and say that with almost 100% certainty I will not miss someday, but there’s still so much that I will.

I enjoy getting to step back and watch my husband play and have a ball with our kids on the rug. I never pictured a husband or kids for my life, but hot damn, this mom is blessed. I had no clue what I wanted until God set Brett in front of me, and now I can’t help but take moments to step back and soak up all of this that is mine.

I can’t end today’s summary without letting the whole wide world, or my few, but wonderful readers, know that today is not only one of my sisters birthdays, but also one of my very best friends in the whole world. I’m fairly certain my sister turned 22, and I’m absolutely positive that our sweet auntie Kait turned 30 today.

Of course, I love my sister. I kind of have to. But, auntie Kait on the other hand, is a sister I that didn’t enter my life until roughly 3 years ago, and I couldn’t be more blessed to not only have her and her little family, she lives a block up from me! I wish them both the very happiest, most wonderful of days, and this is their reminder of how entirely lovely and loved they are.

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