Rethink Your Words

Life is not a contest.

Please be weary of the things you say.

Comparing having one dog to an entire household of kids, pets, things to do? That’s silly. It’s bothersome. Probably because I’m overwhelmed with all the extra stuff we have going on right now and learning the ropes. But, don’t compare your story to mine. We don’t walk the same path.

I say this with as much respect as possible. This stems mainly from all the MLM (multilevel marketing) posts I see everywhere.

Yes, I used to be part of one. Two, actually. One wasn’t so bad, but the other? I quit, not because it was too hard, but because I didn’t feel comfortable with the way they talked to/about others and each other.

When I saw a high up person make a post about “not being that idiot” I was done. Yes, she was telling her followers that if they didn’t make time or just do these specific things, it made them an idiot. Not cool, friend. Not cool.

As time goes on and different people from different MLM’s are trying to keep their market going, their posts are getting more, for lack of better word, yucky. The most recent post was similar to what I stated at the beginning. “If I can do it even though I’m busy with my one dog, you don’t have any excuses.

Whoa. That woke my internal mama bear. I’ve got three littles 5 and under, pets, w household to run, and there’s more to that than your one dog.

Yes, this sounds a little petty of me. But, hang on.

I am a firm believer in being kind, understanding, and empathetic. I judge no one’s story, or what and how they choose to do their life. We all have a different journey, and guess what? Each person’s weight to bear us heavy in its own way. We are given what our individual strength can handle. We’re supposed to build each other up, not tear each time their down. Give strength, hope, and understanding to others instead of making them feel inadequate. Chances are? They already do, and they don’t need your help making it worse.

I’m an empath through and through. Your heart hurts, your burdens are heavy, you don’t know how to tie the knot in the end of your rope? I feel with you, friend.

I don’t take pity on others, I don’t believe that’s what they need. I get on their level. I remind them they aren’t alone. I show them they don’t have to carry this burden alone, and this even applies to some people who no don’t even know their heaviness is weighing on my own heart, too. I may have my own pain, but I fully believe no one should ever have to go it alone. Life is tough, and I know, in some ways, just how tough it can be. Especially when you feel like you’re going it alone.

If you’re part of an MLM, I ask you to take a step back. Evaluate what you’re saying to others. Is it kind? Encouraging? Helpful? Or is it hurtful? Targeting someone’s self worth in a derogatory manner?

Be kind. Be uplifting. Change the script. Build your people up instead of making them question their worth, and what they can handle in a days time.

The spoon theory is a perfect example, and I’m going to use an entirely new post to dive into the depths of this theory.

Coming soon. I promise.

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