Satan Doesn’t Win

I’m back and a bit sooner than I had thought, but I had a dear, sweet friend reminded me of a Bible verse that I really love.

”…And do not be grieved, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.” Nehemiah 8:10

If I take a step back from blogging because of recent events, I am letting Satan and the other people involved win, and as much as I’m not about winning or losing, I will not let others steal my joy. Not anymore.

If I want to do better, if I want true respect and real boundaries in my life, I have to implement them in all aspects, not just where there is no fear.

Why do I fear others? Many, many reasons, but in the end all that does is restrict what I’m allowed to do for myself and give them control over what they can and can’t do towards myself or my family.

I put in a lot of work and effort in so many different places, but it’s time to take back my peace, my joy, and all the things I rightfully deserve to have in life. God says to love others and accept them for who they are while still praying for their best life, and I can do that from a distance. No where in the Bible does it specify we must bring ourselves harm to please others and their wants, especially when they aren’t for the greater good.

I may have stumbled a little bit and made some poor choices after this recent incident, but I stood back up, dusted off, can admit I could do better, and now I am going to do better.

This is my life, and I will no longer back down because of intimidation or fear. I’m taking control back into my own hands.

More new content is on the way.

Sweet Regards,


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