Self Care

Self care is so important, and I didn’t realize it until recently! A couple of my new favorite books helped me to see what self care is actually supposed to look like. Peace by Becky Thompson and Girl, Stop Apologizing are definitely recommended for reading!

Hopping on the wagon to take care of myself was fairly difficult. Why? Not because I don’t think I deserve it, but rather, my social media is full of situations where self care, through my eyes, is being abused. I never thought much into it until after reading these books.

I see people dumping their kids off every weekend to go drink, party, take vacations, you name it! Is there anything wrong with doing these things? Absolutely not, if it’s what trips your fancy. But, doing it every single weekend and not also taking the time to still invest and share love with your children and family as a whole? That doesn’t appeal to me.

These books break it down in the best ways possible, and talk so much about the things we have to do to keep ourselves in check, too. We are of no good to others, if we aren’t doing okay ourselves. The further you fall, the more you begin to bring others down with you. When, in reality, you should want to help others to the top while you’re still climbing.

Self care does not mean constantly shucking your family and responsibilities on others to do super fun stuff. It means taking a step back when you need it, letting the kids spend the night with a grandparent so you can get a couple extra hours of sleep (if needed), remembering you have feelings that are valid, too, and doing what fills your cup. Go for a walk, take a bubble bath and sip a beer, take a drive on some gravel roads, read a book, anything that fills your soul! Stop letting people tell you that needing a break or doing what they need when they need it is more important than your mental and physical health. It just plain isn’t true.

Your family, friends, and even random strangers you meet in passing deserve to know you at your utmost best. You have amazing things to bring to this world, but if you’re too busy following what everyone else wants you to do, your mental and physical health will struggle. Not only that, but you’ll be too busy following others to venture down the path God has laid out for you. God wants you to take care of you, too. Not just everyone around you.

Your feelings are valid. You matter. You have something God has set on your heart, and it’s time to chase that! But, you need to take the time to fill your soul, so that what you are doing feels good, the way it should.

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