Small Town Mama

Sometimes I scroll social media and I start to wonder what I'm trying to do here.

Our house isn't perfect. 90% of it is original to 1904 when it was built, and we are a long way from more updates. But, it's our home. We wouldn't trade it for anything.

My kids don't wear neutral colors or things that are 100% bamboo. Most days I'm lucky if I can get them to leave clothes on at all. Wal-Mart, Children's Place, Old Navy - the places with the best deals are where our stuff comes from.

We don't have top of the line toys made all from wood, and all the new trending stuff that's supposed to make your kids mini geniuses.

Our life is nothing short of entirely imperfect chaos, and a whole lot of grace.

So, really, who am I to try to change the world? I'm a small town mama that loves Jesus, cusses sometimes, and I know that the vast majority of us mamas aren't perfect and we could all use a lot more kindness in the world.

God put it on my heart to start this journey, and even if it only ends up being for one person - I still did what I was called to do.

And that is enough for me.

Would it be cool to have a decent amount of followers? Absolutely! But I won’t be disappointed if it never reaches that. My goal is to help who needs it by sharing glimpses of our life, and I know God will bring the right people to the right places.

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