Snakes & Cakes

We’ve lived in our house for nearly three years and I’ve yet to see a snake. Until today. When it got stuck between my feet, scared, same as I, and we both went back and forth. I chose to dance, shriek, curse, and ultimately run.

The kids wanted to see, so being the brave mom I am, I stepped back out the front door to peer into the grass and find my cute little friend. Only, while I was looking, someone from across the way hollered to ask if it was a snake.

Why yes, yes it was. Now I also know that our neighbor didn’t just potentially hear my snake encounter, but rather, she saw the whole damn thing. Lovely.

My MIL has been ever so graciously helping us paint the front room and got quite the kick out of the ordeal, too. So, I took a “petrified“ snake we found in the basement and put it by the coffee maker, suggesting she should make a cup of coffee and take a minute to sit down. Sadly, she never did. But after she’d left, I forgot what I had done and scared the ever living hell out of myself with a snake I put somewhere myself.

Aside from that we spent the day painting, redoing the pantry, cleaning the floors, toys, dishes, and cooking, cooling, and frosting Jax’s birthday cake he’s been waiting very “patiently” for all week. Bless his little heart.

Sadly, I made the wrong cake so he’s not overly thrilled with it like I had hoped, but I have a chance to redeem myself in the coming days.

Jax has two birthday parties this weekend, which means two cakes, two parties, two sets of gifts, two very exhausting days.

For the first time in months Alvi slept in her crib all night last night and didn’t get up until nearly 9. She only needed a quick tending to once and the rest of the night she was peaceful. I’m praying for at least one more night of this, just to help with energy levels the next few days, but it’s always a toss up with her.

Yesterday was also one of her rather difficult days. Most everyday contains struggles of some sorts, but other days there just isn’t any relief to the tantrums, nothing makes it any better, and the entire day is spent screaming, yelling, and rolling all over the ground. The neighbors got a good show this time, that much I’m sure of.

We’ll get there. Someday.

I called the hospital we were referred on to to see a behavioral specialist to check on the status of our referral, but it seems they’re not ready to schedule us just yet. So, we’ll just keep on keepin’ on like we do.

We don’t have bad days, just rough moments that sometimes last longer than we’d like. I know Alvi is struggling, whether it’s with feeling like she can’t communicate or like she’s lacking in the attention department, and eventually we’ll find a way to work through it. Until then, I pray for patience, strong coffee, and understanding friends and family. There’s a reason we don’t go out much, and it’s not because we don’t want to see anyone.

We will get there. Soon. Our someday is coming, and it’ll be one glorious rainbow to see.

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