Sunday Whirlwind

We got up way too early this morning, but it gave me time to get Luci’s birthday cale frosted, (I cheated and baked it yesterday), and had the kids ready to walk out the door for church and make it on time (barely).

I was frosting the cake and dropped a chunk of frosting on the top of my foot. I left it and kept going, but it wasn’t long before Jax was in to check on me. I wish I was kidding when I said he used his little finger to swipe that frosting of my foot, and stuck it right into his mouth. He did give me the go ahead that it tasted so, so yummy.

Alvi managed to get my little communion cup open during one of the hymns and get grape juice on her pretty dress and her brand new church shoes.

We had a ball game for Luci & Jax today, followed by getting to go see my mom (mama), and grandparents for Luci’s birthday yesterday. The kids are getting so good at playing (even though they sit to play in the dirt a lot), and the kids had some well spent time with family we don’t get to see much. Alvi covered herself from hair to toe, literally, in cake and frosting so she got a bath before we even left for home.

I know being tired is part of having kids, but holy cow, I am pooped. My car has to be out of town early in the morning to finally get fixed, so I decided the kids are allowed to spend the night up the road at grandma’s until I get back in the morning.

This mom spoiled herself with a hot bath, and a relaxing night of watching a new show on Netflix.

Right after I bathed the dog, started a load of diapers, and thoroughly picked up the house so there weren’t a bunch of random piles of laundry and stuff to be thrown away laying all over.

Backtracking just a little: church this morning. The sermon was all about growing and bearing fruit, while God trims and prunes us to help shape us into better people. A lot of times, that growing comes with a lot of discomfort, but that’s how we know God is doing things with a purpose.

Somedays I get so flustered and frustrated, and wonder what I’m even doing with this blog. For anyone who wonders; No, I do not make any money writing all of this crazy stuff for people to read. I wouldn’t even know where to start. I’m hopeful that there are people who read this and take away good, helpful, inspiring things to help guide them on their journey. More than not, I fear I’m writing to a brick wall and for nothing. I know that’s Satan trying to stop me from sharing all of the good things that can come from having God and an incredible amount of faith in your life.

I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t have days where I get so fed up with everything going on around me, and I get tired of the endless battles coming my way that I don’t tell God to hell with it. I tell Him I just can’t do this, and more or less, game on. I know it’s not the helpful, right way to be, but I’m not perfect. Some days end with a broken hearted, defeated, at the end of her rope mama, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. It means I have room to grow, and room for God to move bigger mountains in me.

It’s not about falling down, it’s about brushing yourself off and getting back up. Ready to do it all over again, if that’s what it takes. Growing and learning in faith is a never ending journey, and it’s hardly ever pretty or a walk in the park. But, I live for the moments that God smiles down through the clouds and sends me a Godwink or two to remind me just how important I really am, and that what I’m doing matters and can make a difference if I do it the right way. Shout out to one of our favorite diaper retailers - Little Wildlings for one of absolutely favorite diapers.

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