Sunshine & Gravel

We live in Iowa, so you can picture our Winters here. It’s currently 40 something degrees, the sun is shining, and the snow is melting!

Today is my one day a week to come hang out with my grandparents for the night, and they live in the middle of nowhere. Literally, on a highway nicknamed the “highway to nowhere.“

So, the gravel was going to be mushy, muddy, and yucky, but I took it anyway. I’m sorry, Brett, I’ll wash the car. Gravel traveling at its absolute finest is a favorite of mine. The weather permitted it, and I took full advantage.

When I became a mom, everything changed. Mostly for the better, but it can be so easy to forget there are things we love aside from our children and spouse. Things that make us who we are, that give our soul a breath of fresh air. Things that rejuvenate our entire being.

Of course, we’re also just coming to the end of Winter and that means the weather has been less than ideal for gravel road trips.

You can just about picture it; 26 year old me, Buick Enclave sans kids, windows down, music from teenage years blaring, and my hair blowing in the wind. Singing at the top of my lungs and enjoying every second of it. Anyone who saw me was more than welcome to judge me. I put my heart and soul into raising my kids, and doing things for myself is still okay. Even the smallest, simple things that I loved doing before I had my babies.

Of course, there has to be balance. Our littles still need and rely on us, but getting a sitter once in awhile or letting them stay with grandma for a night isn’t ignoring them. Utilize your time. Instead of cleaning the house or doing more laundry, go do something for yourself. The laundry will still be there, and so will the dishes. Chores never go away, but our “me“ time is limited and we have to spend it wisely.

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