Sweet Nature & Caves

Yesterday was a long day.

We had plans with one of my mama friends, and even though I was overly grumpy and tired, I bucked up and we went anyway. Don’t worry, I warned her of me and all my glory.

It took us an hour longer than I planned to get them packed into the car with all of our stuff. They were like wild banshees that had had about 5 cups of coffee and still had to be buckled for a long drive, and Alvi did her alligator crocodile roll and scream while trying to get her into her seat.

On the ride there the car refused to stop changed the language of the kids’ movie to French and Spanish.

Luci kicked my seat almost the whole way there. Jax kept asking random questions, but with his subtle and quiet voice, I have zero idea what he was saying, and Alvi has started down the path of being car sick like big sister Luci used to be, so I’m constantly worried she’s going to barf at any given moment.

Days like that, when all the blah is showing, I prefer to stay in the comfort and safeness of my own home, but I didn’t want to let my kids or my friend down. So, I’ve been doing my best to learn balance between not letting people down, and also still listening to what my body is telling me to do, which is slow down.

We took the kids on a hike to see a cave, got some ice cream from Culver’s, and spent the rest of the day hanging out and playing. We left for home a lot later than I had planned, but the kids didn’t do terrible at going to bed when we got home. I also let one sleep on the couch with her dad when he got home, and the other two came to bed with me.

God knew I needed some rough and tough nature, the fresh air, and a break from society. It’s an hour and some drive, but oh how it was worth it! If I’m being honest, I’ve never been many places, let alone somewhere as simple yet so extravagant as a cave.

Today will be full of flower shopping and girlfriend time with one of the best, and I have plenty more to share later on this evening.

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