The Princess is F•I•V•E

5 years ago today, at 3:15 in the afternoon, God blessed me with a May Day basket that none can outdo.

Luci girl. The one who made me a mom. The one who experienced all the firsts with me, and we still continue to do so. The “test” child, if you will.

This girl is fierce. She is wild, intense, brave, beautiful, smart, sassy, strong, worthy, and so much more. So much.

She will change the world someday, this little light of mine. She will do big, big things, and I’ll be here to help guide her every step of the way.

She had such an awesome day today. I won’t lie, I got a little grumpy and overwhelmed at one point, so instead of getting worse, we packed up and went to the park. We made it home without a scratch on anyone.

Luci got absolutely antsy waiting for her dad to get home so she could open gifts, so there was a good 30 minute window of time where she just stood at the front door watching for him. I’m excited to say she loved the two gifts we had ready for her, and her big gift will be here hopefully on Monday. (She’s getting a big girl bike. Eek.)

Jax and Alvi hung out with grandma while we took the birthday girl to dinner at Mexican in hopes they would do the sombrero and ice cream treat for her, but alas, they forgot. We asked on our way out and they let us take our own picture, apologized, and still packed her ice cream up to go. We hit Dairy Queen on the way home for chocolate ice cream with sprinkles, and the princess polished it off before passing out cold.

Now, here’s the fun part. We have a double stroller that’s a sit and stand that I really don’t care for, but they’re expensive and we got it second hand so I make do. When we went to walk home from getting the two from grandmas, Luci was sitting on the seat facing me while Alvi Lou rode shot gun. I ran a short distance and Luci thought it was hysterical, so when I stopped to walk she told me to do it again, and faster! Only, I did, and tripped over my own foot, rocketing the stroller forward too fast and sending Luci plummeting to the cement and getting a nice little cut on the back of her head. Mom of the year award over here. Poor girl cried and cried. Luckily, no stitches or anything were necessary. Cleaned her up with peroxide and ointment, provided Tylenol for the pain, and she’s currently watching stroll Hunters and snuggling in the couch with her daddy.

I’d say all in all, her birthday was a complete success. Aside from her mom breaking her head open, but she forgave me and all is well. It’s off to bed (hopefully) for church in the morning and ball in the afternoon.

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