This Corner of the Ring

Do you see the room pictured for this blog?

That’s the room that contains the people who have any right to judge, criticize, control, or objectify your life. The people who have opinions on how you live your life.

Notice it’s empty.

No one has that ability unless you give it to them.

Having this blog has taught me so many different things.

It’s helped me be more honest about daily struggles. How to be real about it.

Not to write unless it’s something that really lights a fire.

A lot more people need hope and real, raw life that makes them feel less alone than those who admit it to others.

There will be people, ones that make it clear they don’t stand in your corner, support you, or think much of what your doing that will still read up on what’s posted.

You know the judgement is there. The distasteful feelings, the gossip, the hurtful feelings.

It won’t stop the journey I’m on. Those who don’t stand in my corner can continue to read, keep up with the Jones’, do what it is they need to do justify the things they do.

I’ve got more than enough love, support, inspiration, and motivation from the people that are in my corner, I’m no longer going to be bothered by those who come here just to see what’s going on with us this week.

I love my family, my friends, the people who come to my page for the good stuff. The real, raw chaos of healing, motherhood, struggles, and the downfalls we have.

They also get to see the beauty that rises from the ashes, have the hope that tomorrow really can be a better day, the realization that the bad doesn’t last forever.

My confidence, faith, and drive to do this has grown so significantly since I started this journey.

I will continue, I will keep going. I will persevere.

Good things are around the corner. There’s so much more to come.

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