Trials & Blessings

We have to go through trials to feel the true depth of gratitude that God deserves, and we don’t always remember that. It feels like He should just give us what we ask for and that should be the end of it. Why do we have to wait? Why the trials and the pain?

If a parent gives their child money and they never work to earn it, the child loses gratitude and appreciate for what they’re being given. It becomes expected instead of received with joy and a full heart.

The same goes for God and the blessings He provides. If we don‘t travel the path that leads to our blessing, we cannot fully appreciate the work behind what we’ve been given. God requires our faith in Him and we show it when we reach the end of a season and receive the answer to our prayers.

We are full of sin, and have worldly views. That is inevitable. It is what we choose to do to show our faith, trust, and love that tells Him we are worth what He did when He sent Jesus to pay for our sins. We are showing that even in the hard times, we can trust that He has not left us. If he puts a message on my heart, but I choose to do nothing with it, it will go unheard, unspoken, and unattainable to those who need it.

Without hard work, there is no real reward. The good, happy feelings you get from joyful things fade much faster when you don’t have to work for anything. It is easy to become complacent and expectant when we receive things in life for doing nothing. When you do nothing, you’re preventing yourself from growing. We are meant to always be growing, learning, teaching, and blossoming. If we never do anything different, we will forever remain the same, and therefore our harvest will start to diminish. You have to keep planting if you expect to continue harvesting.

In today’s society, we are teaching children that they can receive a medal for nothing more than showing up, and making the child who actually puts in time and effort wonder what their work was for if someone else can just show up and still win something. Why work when I can be like them and still get a medal? To get anywhere in life and succeed, it takes work. Just the same as watering our faith and watching to see it grow.

If I don’t write, I have no content. If I have no content, I have no readers. If I have no readers, my blog sits motionless with no real rhyme or reason. It only exists.

Someone who posts content daily will have readers. Those readers will have something to gain from visiting that blog, and that blog will have a purpose, a reason to continue being shared. It will grow and blossom and bloom, while the unattended one will continue to diminish and become nothing more than what it already is.

Of course, this blog is not my only purpose. I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a friend. But, I am all of those with a blog that was put on my heart and I have to do my part to get the message out there.

When your next trial comes, whatever it may be and whenever it happens, instead of asking God why, ask Him how. Let Him guide you and grow you. Let your purpose be found.

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