Bloody Noses & Meltdowns

Holy stinkin’ buckets.

I pray that goodness forbid, Jax never breaks an arm or has any sort of catastrophic accident.

This little boy cannot handle blood. I’m talking running away from help, screaming, and all around hysterics.

This morning he had his play backpack on, and the straps weren’t right so I asked if we could fix them. In the attempt to take it off, he’s clumsy and tripped over his own feet and landed on the hard wood floor nose first.

The blood was instantaneous and the boy absolutely lost his mind. Jumping, running, screaming, crying, hysterical. You’d think he just broke his arm right in half.

So, this mama says stay right there and don’t move, I will be right back with a warm wash cloth. As fast as my feet were, he was faster. I came back to him in the same state except on the white shag rug that’s in our living room. Yikes.

After plenty of cuddles he calmed down, got cleaned up, and the rug is white again. Thank you, Jesus, for peroxide.

Alvi slept wonderfully last night, and since she didn’t scream she had to make sure she got in her meltdown for the day, too. My mama heart only wishes I knew what to do to help her during these moments. Luckily, today she allowed for snuggles during her fit instead of the usual refusal to being touched.

We can’t forget about Luci, and the cool part about that is she’s had a rather fantastic morning. The only issue we’ve encountered was at breakfast over a Minnie Mouse plate, and it was put away to be used later since we only have one and both kids were determined they were using it.

God blessed me with the most wonderful kids and being a mama to them and is by far the greatest gift I have ever been given. That doesn’t make the journey less hard, though. Every day presents its own struggles and trenches. It takes a whole lot of gratitude and grace to make it through this chaos of motherhood.

Oh, and praying. A whole heck of a lot of praying, because God knows I can’t do this on my own.

I wouldn’t trade a single day of struggles and meltdowns for even the tiniest bit of sleep. Yes, I mean that. Even though I put ketchup straight on the baby’s high chair tray instead of her plate, attempted to put the lint from the dryer part back into the empty slot instead of the lint catcher, and it takes a lot of thought to remember what day it is.

It’s spoken often, but I truly believe the day will come that I will miss this. They won’t rely on me in the ways they do now, and they’ll be ready to try and fly on their own. And so, until then, I will do my very best to make every moment count.

These are, after all, my very own tiny humans. Created just for me, and sent here to change my whole life.

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