Ladies & gentleman.

If you still focus on social status like cliques back in high school, there’s a problem, and I can’t be okay with it. Kindness and grace are always number one on my list of ”to-do’s” for other people.

We are all equal and deserving of love. How much money someone has in the bank, or how fancy their house and things are, or even how they dress, should not affect whether or not you’re friends with someone. Each and every one of us are just trying to make it in this world, and we could all use a friend. It truly is not hard to be kind, compassionate, and loving to others.

We’re all different. No two of us the same. Our views and opinions may have similarities, but something, the smallest little tweak, is always different. So, there’s no picking someone who is perfectly identical to you, or sticking to people who only have similar things in common. Broaden your horizons. Learn new things, meet new people, accept people who aren’t just like you. Each and every single one of my very few friends, are all entirely different from one another. They each have something of some sort in common with me, but we’re all also very different, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I don’t want to be friends with a carbon copy of myself. I want to hang out with someone who is going to challenge my thinking, open new doors, show me new windows, and above all else, show me their version of kindness and giving grace.

I do understand that there are still people we will encounter who will be toxic to us, and of course you should always leave toxic behind. Toxic or not, always always be kind. You can be kind while keeping your distance.

I have a few different friends, yeah? All different people. Different views, back story’s, paths they’re traveling. I’m really the main thing they have in common. We don’t all get together and hang out. Not for any particular reason, or that I think they wouldn’t like each other, but because they are all someone who bring very different things to our friendship, and I love each of them for the individual things they bring. Our lives are also all very different, and our schedules don’t ever really line up for me to try and bring muiltiple of us together. Though, now that our backyard is looking fabulous, I’d love to get to have a shindig of sorts and invite all of them at once. I love the variety I have in my friends, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Everyone could use a friend. Even if you don’t speak everyday, there’s nothing wrong with checking in with others and making sure they’re doing okay. Lend an ear, your heart, spare a minute for someone else. You could completely change the course of someone’s journey by just being kind.

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