Foot to the Face

It’s been a morning from hell, and it’s not even 11.

My day started when Alvi kicked me square in the nose. Twice.

We were already behind after choosing to miss the 8 am game this morning, just the kids and I. All we had to do was be at the field before 11.

Alvi screamed the entire time I tried to get everyone ready and the kids were bouncing off the wall.

Not even 20 minutes from home and someone pulled onto a gravel road to do a turn around. It wasn’t a big deal until they didn’t check for coming traffic. I had to go from 60 to zero in half of the blink of an eye. Everything in the car shot forward and my heart fell out my butt. The kids got to see mommy blare the horn and flip the bird. Normally I do a thumbs down; but we all slip sometimes.

We made it 15 minutes from the ball field and wouldn’t you know, my steering locked and we ended up stuck on the side of 3 lane traffic. My father in law left the ball field to save the kids and I. I walked my children through a wide, deep, scary ditch, but we made it to papa’s car.

I want Brett to get to watch Averi play, and if we’re being honest, she should have her dad there watching her over me. So, I’m heading back out with the FIL to see if we can’t get my car to budge.

I’ve cried too much today for it to not even be lunchtime. But, as much fun as this isn’t, I’m grateful to feel sad instead of angry. It’s been so much easier to navigate this crazy ass morning that it would have been wearing my cactus skin.

We chose take out pizza for dinner instead of Mexican last night, so lunch today was supposed to be Mexican, but I’m not holding my breath.

God’s got this, and I know that. My faith is right where it should be, but I will tell you there was a split second during all of this I couldn‘t help but wonder if I had done something to make Him mad. A split second of doubt, but I know better. Things always get better. 26 years of life reminds me of that on the daily.

Don’t try to fight your storms. Ride the waves, take deep breaths, and remember that rain can’t last forever. God doesn’t leave us to suffer. There’s better coming. Always.

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