Easter Weekend

Holiday‘s in my family are not for the faint of heart, and I’m fairly certain they’ve always been just a tad crazy. We’re probably pretty lucky no one’s gone to jail. Just kidding. Sort of. I’m honestly not sure we’ve ever had a somewhat “normal” family gathering for as long as I can remember. Maybe never.

Saturday night grandma fell and broke her hip. She was taken to Methodist and we were told surgery could be in the morning, but more likely Monday morning. So, we head home ready to see what Easter morning will bring, and when no calls come, my mum called to check on her and they were already in the middle of surgery. What! Thank you Covid, for restricted visitors, and overpopulated hospitals with short staffing. No phone call, no nothing. Just went ahead and did a partial hip replacement without letting anyone know.

We still ventured to church (mommy forgot her mask), and even on Easter, the message was spot on for the things my family has going right now. There’s so much, and it just feels so unending. God’s still got this, and as hard as it is, I have to figure out how to hand it off to Him and let Him be in control.

Grandpa decided he still wanted his hair cut & to get to see the kiddo’s for a bit so we ventured that way. My brother even showed up, and by that, I mean he came walking up through the timber, but I’ll take it. We ended up throwing together the quickest, easiest, best tasting Easter dinner’s I’ve ever had though. The kids had a blast hunting eggs and eating too much candy, and it was a day, for the most part, that was long overdue and well deserved.

Since everything went south with my grandparents last September, holidays have been even tougher trying to make things happen, and even though I did a lot to help for a long time, I haven’t actually seen my mom for more than 20 minutes since this started. I truly believe it’s taken the biggest toll on Miss Luci. Her and my mom were the best of friends when she was smaller, and the craziness of life has only hindered them getting to hang out.

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