Tuesday Shenanigans

Today was something my heart needed very much. The kids and I packed up and went to spend a good handful of hours at my grandparents house, and we even stayed for supper.

We got home later than I anticipated, but that just means I’m a terrible mom and let my kids go to bed without a bath. They will most definitely have one in the morning. but they’re already pooped and Luci even has a headache, so bedtime it is.

Alvi didn’t do well with no milk starting around midnight, but we made it through and she was a champ today drinking nothing but water. The doctor himself called to let us know her blood work had come back. She is fairly close to being anemic, but not enough for him to want to start supplements yet. Our hemoglobin should be 10.5 or higher and Alvi’s is barely 10.8. Her iron levels are also low, being 20, and at this point in the day I can’t even remember what he said the normal numbers were. Still, nothing he wants to start supplementing for yet because he’s sure that if I still to what we’ve decided to get her back on track. If I haven’t clarified what that is, she’s allowed only one cup of milk a day with none during the night, and one teaspoon of milk of magnesia before bed. She can have juice’s that are good for pooping, such as pear and prune. We should start seeing some good results within the next two weeks.

There will also be a new forum that goes up every week, and I so pray that it does what I’m hopeful for. At church on Sunday the message was about still asking why when terrible things happen even though we’re supposed to just trust God, or we can’t understand why these things have to happen. God is in control, and our faith can be rock solid, but that doesn’t stop us from sometimes still questioning the big picture and what good could come from such awful things.

This blog is a place for people to be allowed to question why, speak what’s on their heart without fear of being judgement, and accepting no one is perfect and we could all use a little help sometimes. We are all perfectly imperfect, and it is okay to not be okay.

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