Watch Your Words

Three kids five and under. A puppy with a broken leg. Nine baby peep peeps in the basement. A garden. Five grown chickens and four fairly grown ducks. Flowers. Grass seed.

If just reading those things doesn’t make you tired, please tell me what kind of magical coffee you drink.

We start our days between 6:30 and 7 with breakfast and head straight out to do chores and soak up the sun. We’ve been staying out until close to dark everyday for at least a week now. My inside chores are slacking, but my kids are sleeping well and learning what it takes to have things you want.

Alvi was so tired tonight that she crawled up into my lap while I tried to take a quick wee and fell asleep. No big deal, I’m a seasoned mama that’s used to this. Only this time when I stood up I heard a plop and realized she had had a toy in her hand and let go, dropping it straight into the loo.

You must be careful of the things you speak aloud. Good or bad, Satan feeds on it. I spoke so highly of my new found strength and ability to shed my prickly skin, and as soon as I got home everything started going down the toilet. I forgot how easy it is for Satan to manipulate things and people around us to make the journey harder and try to set us back from the growth we’ve started.

Jax is on some kick where he wants to throw fun fits like miss Alvi Lou and Alvi Lou is being very extra Alvi. On top of a spoiled pup that I’m pretty sure, if given the chance, would have me wiping her bum as well. Myself, Yankee, and Alvi are going to have to come to some sort of understanding. This palace is not big enough to house three queens.

I’m still holding it together for the most part, but I’m learning to be more cautious of the things I say aloud. It’s always good to praise God and the good things He does for us, but don’t forget that Satan is always ready and waiting to pounce. Be ready. Be weary. Know your strength and the strength God gives you to make it through the hard stuff Satan sends to try and ruin the good.

Tomorrow is set to be a down day. A day for rest and recoup from pushing ourselves a little too hard. Besides, laundry could use some work and the house could really use a decent tidy up to get things looking a little less messy.

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