Welcome To Our Circus 🎪

Early Sunday Miss Alvi thought 1:30 in the a.m. would be a good time to give daddy his belated birthday present special from her and barf all over him, his pillow, & the bed.

She had a bath, he had a shower. He scrunched on the couch with the other kids, & we spent time just chillin’ in the recliner with a big ole bowl. She threw up twice since the initial blow, and I’m afraid this wasn’t just a one and done.

I don’t remember Luci or Jax ever being puke sick this young, what is even happening right now?

Baby sugar could hardly go 10 minutes without puking and it took about 12 hours to keep anything down. We tried peppermint water, Tylenol (she finally spiked a fever), and crackers. A fan of pedialyte she is not. She puked so much that her throat is irritated and there’s a tad of blood in her upchuck. I spent a good amount of time monitoring her closely and luckily she did not end up needing to go in to be seen.

Brett was a champ and helped wash some of the puke laundry and put the house in order while mommy got to love on sweet Alvi. This is full on sickness, nothing tantrum induced and my heart is just broken for her.

And then, God said - Rest.

My word. God knows me so much better than I know myself. He knew that without the sickness we’ve had in our house, there’s a good chance I would still be pushing myself to run. I digress, but I’m sure that’s what this is. We haven’t had sickness this bad in our house for maybe 3 years.

At 4:30 Monday morning Jax and I both went down hard, we got a text letting us know Averi had been sent home from school for puking, and Luci started at about 1 that afternoon. Even better, Brett’s mom got it, too.

So, to say it’s been a shit show here is kind of an understatement. Jax and I are doing better but still feel like we got run over by a bus or two, Luci is finally done puking off and on, and Brett, until this morning, hadn’t upchucked yet.

I have petechiae from hell around my eyes from forcefully losing my guts, and I’d give just about anything to wake up tomorrow and be able to clean my awful looking house.

Brett finally ended up full blown sick this morning, and I gave Alvi Lou milk too soon so she sat up this morning and puked on my face.

Welcome to our very exciting, overwhelming, chaotic, six ring circus. This mama is exhausted, hurting, still sick, and trying to manage 3 small children who think they are 110% better, now. Luckily, turning on a good movie helps keep them from running themselves to vomiting again.

This is rough for so many reasons, but it is also showing me that even when sickness and exhaustion come, the chaos and gunk of life do not care to stop. No matter how overflowing your plate may be, there is always more that can be added. I have so many things I want to get on the blog, but truly, I can hardly get these posted.

I’ve always been overly gracious to people, and that is my own damnation. I continue to bail people out of situations and take over their responsibilities, and it in turn gave people the feeling of entitlement and turned me into their crutch for their own choices.

As hard as it is, I think it’s time to dial back on the kindness. Being kind is absolutely the greatest thing, but you should never sacrifice yourself for people who turn it against you in the end.

God says to love everyone, but I am fully capable of loving from afar and not leading myself to my own hanging.

Please, if someone goes out of there way to be kind to you, do not, or stop abusing what they will do for you. It’s not fair, and yes, life is not fair. But, I promise, you don’t want to be the person that takes advantage of others.

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