Words of Affirmation

Updated: Mar 22

Something I have always felt strongly about as a mother is that my children know their worth. The world will not always be kind and welcoming so it is essential that they know their importance, regardless of what the world may attempt to infringe upon them.

Every night before bed we have a mantra of affirmations that we speak aloud together.

“I am kind. I am brace. I am strong. I am smart. I am lIves. I am worthy. Jesus loves me, God loves me, and mommy and daddy love me.”

We do this as we say our goodnight‘s, once our teeth are brushed, our pajamas are on, and we are ready to head off to dreamland. My biggest hope is that reflections on these thoughts as they cozy off to sleep will help them feel more peace in their little sounds, and snooze soundly, for they know how utterly lived they are. Not just by their parents, but also God.

Children need to know they are worthy and who will tell them they are if not us as parents? This is such a big part of our nightly routine that sweet little fourteen month old Alvi does a hard blink after each statement as if to tell me she grasps that what is being said is of the utmost importance. She is hardly talking, but her communication with us is unreal and my heart explodes with every blink of understanding.

If I manage to do one thing right, it will be to raise my children to value their worth and not let others decide it for them. They are children of God, and they should know that even as much as we love them, He loves them more.

In the chaos of life, stop to remind your little humans they are important, too. Help them feel validated and let them know their opinion matters. Provide them with the tools they need for when we are no longer here to help guide them. Give them the strength to be confident in who they are and the things they will accomplish.

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