Yucky Bugs & Grand Husbands

8 hours.

Every 10-15 minutes, at least, for 8 hours, my stubborn, strong willed, sad, sweet 1.5 year old threw up.

We are out of towels. We are out of clothes changes. We are out of clean spots to sleep. We are out of energy. We are at the end. I pray, anyway. It’s been at least an hour since she last got sick, and we’re ready to call it a night. At 2:40 in the morning. She’s currently drinking Sprite, because her belly tolerates it over water.

If I said I feel defeated, it would be an understatement. But, what I haven’t mentioned, is poor Luci. Who also went down around bedtime. Hers was bad enough it was coming out her nose, and this was just after a bag of popcorn.

I’m not here to complain or look for pity. I’m here, instead, to thank God for giving me the worlds greatest partner in chaos. Brett tended to Luc so well during her time, because let’s face it, Alvi wasn’t about to trade parents. If he hadn’t been home for his day off, I honestly don’t know how I would have managed.

This is the third, and most hopefully, the last time this awful, dreaded, yucky bug hits our home.

The girls woke up this morning feeling much better and acting close to their normal selves. I’m patiently waiting for a phone call appointment at one, and then it’s off to a late afternoon nap for our cranky, worn out fam.

I’m working harder to put my focus more on God, and let Him take control of the things I cannot change. To give me patience, understanding, and peace when days like this happen. My cup is empty, but I still so desperately want to fill others’.

It dawned on me while I was praying at 3 this morning that I spend so much of my time tending to others’ and their pain, I forget how badly my family needs my cup to be full to spill out to them. My priorities have been in the wrong places, but it’s never too late to change what you’re doing.

From now on, I will be much more intentional on filling my cup and overflowing it to my family first, while still helping others along the way. You have to make sure your home is happy and healthy before you can try to save the rest of the world, too.

It’s great to be kind. Always be kind. But never let yourself forget that you deserve to be happy, too, and pouring into others from an empty cup cannot fill you with joy. If your cup was already empty, and you pour more to someone else, you’re only going to end up more exhausted, drained, and wondering why the pain and frustration you’ve been feeling is still lingering.

You are important.

You are worthy. Fill your cup, and the rest will follow. God says you matter, and He’s the only one with an opinion that matters.

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